Energetic Team Building Program



  • Do you lead a small team where individual contributors need to collaborate to create truly successful outcomes?

  • Would your team benefit from a deep sense of belonging where each member is seen as unique and valuable?

  • Do you want to create a growth-inducing environment that supports individuals to overcome their fight or flight responses?

  • Do you seek to create a chance for each team member to empower themselves by addressing areas that cause them stress or overwhelm?


Imagine  being  part of a team where all members shared:

  • A common vision

  • Set of values

  • Responsibility to contribute to positive team dynamics.

  • Elevated emotional awareness

  • Knowledge base about what it takes to create a growth-inducing environment


Imagine going through significant personal and professional growth as a team, sharing a common language and understanding what creates a growth-inducing environment.


Highly conscious individuals make up conscious teams. Within conscious groups, each individual knows that they influence the quantity and quality of energy they bring to the team. Aware teams are more significant than their constituent parts because they have a purpose!


This program helps teams:

  • Build a firm foundation of shared vision & values

  • Develop a growth mindset at individual and team levels

  • Create a space for honest conversations and understanding among team members

  • Help individuals address tendencies that hold them back and hinder their impact.

    This signature coaching program creates energetic teams with a shared sense of purpose.



Duration: 3- 4 months

Team size of 3- 10 members


The Program Includes:

I. Three 60 minutes Online Workshops:

1. Team Energetics- Growth inducing environment and how to create it

2. Shared team values

3. Shared team vision

    II. Six 1-1 coaching sessions on bi-weekly bases conducted via zoom

    III. Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI)- online assessment

    IV. 90 minutes ELI Debrief sessions for each member of the team

    V. Unlimited support via e-mail



    1. Introduction to Team Energetics:

    (i) Take an online Energy Leadership Assessment

    (ii) Get an ELI Debrief session for each member of the team

    (iii) Team Energetics- Growth inducing environment workshop

    2. Shared Values

    (i) Values Assessment- home exercise

    (ii) 60 minutes values coaching session for each member

    (iii) Values workshop

    3. Six 60 minutes 1-1 coaching sessions for each member of the team via zoom

    4. Shared Team vision workshop


    Research conducted by Karen Buck and Diana Galer (2011) has shown that simply shifting from a catabolic to an anabolic profile (as an individual) can increase engagement at work by as much as 51%. Similarly, satisfaction with work/life balance and working relationships improve by 70% and 44%, respectively.

    Those individuals considered to be “highly anabolic,” when compared to “highly catabolic” individuals, showed the following differential in satisfaction levels:

    Communication Skills – 230% higher Health and Wellness – 240% higher Leadership Ability – 680% higher Productivity – 420% higher

    Time Management – 520% higher Engagement at Work – 340% higher Work/Life Balance – 290% higher Working Relationships – 320% higher Energy – 2040% higher

    Perhaps more astounding is how this trend continues. The more anabolic an individual, the higher satisfaction ratings they report.