Your unique journey to PURPOSE

(1:1  Life Purpose Coaching program)

A 9-week one-to-one signature life purpose coaching program designed to give you clarity, vision, goals and mindset to start your journey to living a more purposeful life.

Your journey starts here

Are you tired of having conversations that don’t give you more clarity?
Do you crave a sense of direction?
Do you lack vision with a magnetic pull?
Do you want to set meaningful goals that excite you?
Do you want to enjoy the journey as you travel towards a life with more purpose and meaning?
Are you ready for growth & transformation?

You may be approaching the starting line of your journey…

This is where I come in.

You don’t have to do it on your own. 
I am here to guide you and support you in your process.
Give yourself a gift of clarity, vision and direction. Take your first steps to a truly fulfiling life.

Here’s how it works

  1. Book your complimentary discovery call;
  2. We will have a 30 min video chat to meet, discuss your current situation, and where is your desired destination;
  3. If we agree to work together, you’ll get a link to book your first call;
  4. We will have twelve 60min video calls on a weekly or biweekly basis. We’ll focus on a specific topic on each call, and you’ll find the outline below. Of course, we will tailor the specifics to suit you personally;
  5. You’ll have things to work through and focus on between calls, and I’m available via e-mail for support between our sessions.
The Investment


Nine 60 minute sessions, usually weekly.
One-to-one online via Zoom.
Email support between sessions.

Ieva has helped me to redefine my priorities and make massive strides towards a more fulfilling and conscious life. Within several sessions I was clearer and knew which steps I needed to take to move forward.


CEO, WellbeingWaves

The Process


It all starts with a complimentary consultation call, in which we will have a bird’s eye view of your possible journey. 
Where are you now?
Who will you be at the finish line?
At the end of the call, you will have clarity on what you want to achieve by the end of our time together.  
We get to decide whether we’re a good fit to partner on this journey.
  • 30- 45 minutes complimentary call via zoom


    Clarity is confidence. When your vision is blurred, action often leads you further from your purpose. 
    We will dive deep to discover your core personal values and your current mindset through which you view yourself and the world around you.
    • We will set goals and measurements of those goals for the duration of our coaching agreement 
    • Values Assessment coaching session.
    • 20 minutes Energy Leadership Index Online Assessment
    • 60- 80 minutes Energy Leadership Assessment Debrief session
    • Tailored approach- We may decide to use any of the 100s of coaching tools available for more clarity 
    • Identify and choose your core guiding values.  
    • Become aware of your fear-based values (awareness reduces their power)
    • Learn about seven levels of energy- mindset filters through which you currently perceive yourself and the world
    • Learn to identify which mindset filter you adopt at any moment and  how to choose it consciously 
    • Learn about your current energetic presentation under normal conditions and when stressed (ELI online assessment)
    • Identify your mindset strengths and growth opportunities.


    Vision is our true north. We feel lost without it. Once we point it in the sky, we can step in its direction. 
    • One 60 minutes long term personal vision coaching session
    • One 60 minutes core energy coaching session on any internal and external blocks 
    • Discover what you want
    • Create a clear long term vision
    • Remove any fears or self-doubt.


    Goals are reasonable and feasible milestones that initiate action and help us measure progress in the direction of our vision.
    Once we set goals, our fears tend to rise to the surface, and we get to grow to meet them.
    • Goal setting coaching sessions
    • Clearing internal, external blocks
    • Decision making & meta plans
    • Progress tracking & accountability
    • Set feasible, time-bound goals that are just the proper stretch for you
    • Create a meta-plans to ensure success
    • Internalise self-compassionate approach
    • Practise adopting success enhancing mindset
    • Learn how to manage your emotions
    • Overcome any internal blocks that hinder your success
    • Partner to set accountability to increase chances of success

    Program Guarantee 

    This transformational coaching program is designed to help set you on your journey to a more fulfilling life and support you as you achieve your first meaningful goals.
    I guarantee the delivery of all the outcomes while valuing the uniqueness of each client’s journey.
    If for any reason, a client feels that this coaching program does no longer serve them, I refund them for any of the unused coaching sessions.