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Hi! I’m Ieva (pronounced Ye-va).

At Spiral Growth Coaching, I help professionals work and live with a sense of purpose, meaning and less stress. Some people discover their calling early in life. For others, this is an ongoing question.

Whatever is your experience, living a satisfying and fulfilling life is a conscious choice. First, we decide whether we deserve a gift of a fulfilling life, and then we must claim it for ourselves.




Does any of the below feel familiar?
  • Tired of doing what you “should” do?
  • Find significant aspects of your role boring?
  • Missing motivation and drive?
  • Feel frustrated about working on other people’s agenda that has little to do with what you want?
  • Lack clarity and direction?
Do you want
  • To overcome fears or limiting beliefs?
  • To move from apathy and frustration to acceptance and joy?
  • Grow your courage and confidence in yourself?
  • Step into your purpose?
  • Experience a fuller life by doing what you “choose” to do?

You’re in the right place. My life’s purpose is to help you connect with yours.

Life Purpose Coaching Ieva Baltakyte Spiral Growth

Professional Experience Highlights


Over 320 hours of coaching training with one of the most comprehensive life coaching certifications available- iPEC, The Institute for Professional Excellence.

Ten years of management, leadership and project management experience in the Finance industry in Ireland. I collaborated with professionals at all levels on multimillion value projects.

Genuinely international coach. I had a pleasure working with clients from all over the globe.

Trained yoga teacher interested in Eastern & Western philosophies and personal growth practices.

Training and Evaluations Diploma (QQI Level 6) has given me research-based knowledge about delivering training that leads to integrating new desirable behaviours.

My Why

Personal growth is my greatest passion. I’m an eternal student of life, and I love supporting growth in others. It has been proven that a higher sense of purpose correlates to life satisfaction, productivity, and a reduced risk of health problems.

My decision to follow my desires and inner knowing led to a complete reconfiguration of my energy. It shifted from a misdirected force to get through the day to a constantly expanding flow of energy that feels purposeful to me.

We have a finite amount of time and energy, and ultimately we are in charge of how we spend them.

Spiral Growth is about helping people become new versions of themselves, operating closer to their full potential.

We become intentional creators when we focus on what we want rather than fear.

Ieva Baltakyte Coaching

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What my clients say

Amazing coaching from an amazing coach! I had the chance to get coached by Ieva over 3 months. She helped me to take important decisions in my life. Ieva put light on fears and limiting beliefs that I was holding for a long time, and helped me to release them. She partnered with me in the design of the life of my dreams. Over these 3 months, major changes happened in my personal and professional life as I become more confident, motivated and aware. Ieva is empathetic, non-judgemental and passionate. She’ll challenge you and hold you accountable in your success. I highly recommend her services.


HR Digital Learning Manager, Leyton

Ieva at Spiral Growth Coaching is a fantastic coach. Her gentle style, deep attention to detail and support have helped me tremendously. I started talking to Ieva when I’d already decided to make significant changes in my life – I was freeing myself from codependent relationships and was in the middle of a divorce; I had started a career change process. I was trying to balance the different aspects of my life.

Ieva’s coaching has been a real help to me during a significant transition in my life. She has helped me redefine my priorities and make massive strides toward a more fulfilling and conscious life. Within several sessions, I was clearer and knew which steps I needed to take to move forward.


CEO, WellbeingWaves

In working with Ieva at Spiral Growth Coaching I was able to look into the fears and uncertainties that were holding me back from achieving my goals.

Ieva always gave me the space to explore my thoughts and feelings. She helped me reach brilliant insights that supported me in moving forward. I love her relaxed, intuitive style of coaching. I am astonished at how far I have come in such a short time and I value every conversation we had together. I highly recommend working with her.


Product Manager, AXA Group Operations