Ieva Baltakyte Coaching

Live and work with a sense of purpose and less stress

My life’s purpose is to help you connect with yours

The Benefits of Life Purpose Coaching With Me

Clarity of Direction

You will be clear about what success means to you and what you want to create.

Real Confidence

You will learn to appreciate yourself fully as you are now while holding a higher vision for yourself.

Feel Inspired

You will tap into activities, people, environments, and resources that energise you and let go of what inhibits your energy.

Make Progress

You will feel supported to move forward and explore the space outside your comfort zone.

Benefits in Other Areas

You will notice a positive change in all areas of your life since everything is connected.

Lasting Transformation

Changing the way you view the world will transform your world. After you discover it, you cannot unlearn it.

1-1 Coaching Package

A signature coaching program to help gain clarity, create vision and goals and unlock your potential.

  • Nine 1-1 coaching sessions via zoom

  • We will meet on a weekly or fortnightly bases

  • Includes Energy Leadership Assessment & Debrief session

  • Additional coaching materials and support tailored specifically for you

Ieva Baltakyte Spiral Growth Coaching

What my clients say

Outstanding coaching from a fantastic coach! I had the chance to get coached by Ieva for over three months. She helped me to take important decisions in my life. Ieva put light on fears and limiting beliefs that I held for a long time and helped me release them. She partnered with me in the design of the life of my dreams. Over these three months, significant changes happened in my personal and professional life as I became more confident, motivated and aware. Ieva is empathetic, non-judgemental and passionate. She’ll challenge you and hold you accountable for your success. I highly recommend her services.


HR Digital Learning Manager, Leyton

Ieva is a fantastic coach. Her gentle style, deep attention to detail and support have helped me tremendously. I started talking to Ieva when I’d already decided to make significant changes in my life – I was freeing myself from codependent relationships and was in the middle of a divorce; I had started a career change process. I was trying to balance the different aspects of my life.

Ieva’s coaching has been a real help to me during a significant transition in my life. She has helped me redefine my priorities and make massive strides towards a more fulfilling and conscious life. Within several sessions, I was more apparent and knew which steps I needed to take to move forward.


CEO, WellbeingWaves

In working with Ieva, I was able to look into the fears and uncertainties that were holding me back from achieving my goals.

Ieva always gave me the space to explore my thoughts and feelings. She helped me reach brilliant insights that supported me in moving forward. I love her relaxed, intuitive style of coaching. I am astonished at how far I have come in such a short time, and I value every conversation we had together. I highly recommend working with her.


Product Manager, AXA Group Operations