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Join us this September on an unforgettable journey of women’s spiritual health…

Bali Bliss Women’s Health & Tantric Arts Retreat

September 16-23, 2016 in Bali, Indonesia

with Sofia Araujo and Roxanna Minonna

Join us on this 8 days and 7 nights retreat to deeply restore your relationship with your femininity and to live in harmony with your natural rhythms and cycles.

This retreat focuses in learning what types of yoga practices most suit the various stages of your cycle as well as learning about Macrobiotic cooking principals to maintain hormonal balance.

All of this education will be woven within a delicately guided transformational process to re-awaken and embody your sexual essence and inherent states of bliss so that you can gracefully live from your Orgasmic womanly nature in our modern world.


Explore how yoga benefits your feminine nature and apply it to your cycle.


Learn how to balance your hormones with macrobiotic cooking techniques


Explore how yoga benefits your feminine nature and apply it to your cycle.

Knowing how your female body functions in all ways helps you to live in tune with your being. This gives you a tremendous confidence, satisfaction and effectiveness, because all of your inherent gifts can flow forth, living an optimal life that is abundant, successful and most important, enjoyed by you.

Between yoga practices, cooking demonstrations, rituals and transformational journeys we are committed to provide you a week of essential reconnection to the Feminine all immersed in the powerful land of Bali.

Retreat spaces are limited so please contact us today to reserve your spot – no obligation!

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Retreat Leaders


Sofia is a yoga teacher, therapist, macrobiotic chef and holistic health educator that shares a passion for healthy movement and living. She is trained in the alchemy of the 5 Elements through Yoga, Ayurveda, Macrobiotic Nutrition and Counseling, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Chi Nei Tsang (Visceral Massage).

Her ability to listen people through their movements, breath rhythms and nature cycles is what makes her a skillful yoga therapist, teacher and holist health counselor. She offers a view on the human experience that is rich in mindful movement and committed in living in harmony with the cycles of Nature.

She is the director of international Swara Yoga School and travels extensively, educating people from all backgrounds and nationalities. In the last few years she feels a deep call to share with women her 15 years of yoga experience, and facilitate the process of recognizing Spirit through the harmony of body and mind.


Roxanna Minnona is a world renowned teacher, assisting men and women to reconnect with their essential nature and their true calling.

In 2002 Roxanna launched Dancing the Divine, a pioneering series of workshops, retreats and courses that she created to help women access their authentic expression in life. Since it’s inception, this body of work has grown and evolved largely due to the inspiration and mentoring form Shantam Nityama and is now practiced by a thriving community of women actively engaged in living their lives to their fullest potential.

This work is an invitation to  men and women to untangle themselves from their societal conditioning and explore their true nature and purpose through awakening  the sexual life force, also knows as “Life Force Energy”. Roxanna  shows us how our sexuality and divinity is one and the same, and she shares tools to enable people to access this eternal spring of energy sexual creative life force to  live through you –  Living  a Tantric Life.

Join Us In Magical Bali

The Women’s Health and Tantric Arts Retreat takes place on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The retreat venue is a secluded and tranquil center in the town of Ubud, perfect for a weeklong tropical getaway.

Your Investment: € 1175

Your investment includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation, (double rooms)
  • all meals
  • all tuitions
  • 1 Balinese massage
  • complementary pick up from Ubud on the morning of the 16th September

Spaces are limited so please contact us now to let us know that you are interested!

Please contact us now by completing the form below – we look forward to hearing from you!

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