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Time to Give, Time to Learn

Young women do yoga indoors



One of the projects I have been engaged since I´ve been here in Norway, is to teach Yoga for Women´s Health in a woman´s prison in Oslo. Has been such a rewarding experience on every level.
This month is the 3rd time that I am invited to go there and work with this women to create a space where they can reconnect with their feminine essence, learn practical tools to minimize common health issues affecting women and most important access an internal space that promotes self acceptance and self compassion.
I had a lot of expectations the first time I went there, about the place, about what kind of women they would be and how would they receive me and what I had to share. After 10 minutes of starting my workshop I realized this was simply a group of women (like any other group of women) coming together, breathing together and sharing what runs in their bodies, hearts and minds.
Once again I learned that Yoga transcends all conditions, situations, environments and stereotypes of people.
A special thanks to my friend and student Lill Janne ( for setting it up and for doing such an amazing and important work of bringing yoga to prisons in Norway, as well as raising awareness about the social aspect of yoga. Hari Om Sister!

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