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I have been slowly coming back to my Chi Nei Tsang (organ detox massage) practice being reminded of the importance of this modality and the service involved. Chi Nei Tsang allows different toxins stored in the organ tissue to come back into the blood stream for processing and elimination. For me personally what is interesting is the emotional aspect that simultaneous is released from the organs into the stream of awareness. The 5 emotions of anger, sadness, worry, grief and fear can often be triggered during a session and need to be met with plenty of openness and acceptance. People often describe to me as being emotional, which of course “emotional” is a big word and encompasses so much.

Although grief is one the 5 Emotions inherent to the 5 Element system of Oriental medicine, is also the one that we are not very equipped to deal with. I have given sessions to mostly women from many different cultures and what I observe is that we all struggle with grieving and letting go. Everything we don´t let go gets stored in your belly, in our organs in particular, which if left unattended for a long period of time, become strong emotional patterns that are reflected in behavior and communication. One of the reasons why I think this happens is because we are not taught proper grieving rituals as part of our culture.

The Autumn teaches us how to grief, day by day the weather changes, the leaves fall, sometimes a strong wind blows randomly and can make a whole tree become bare naked, other times the wind is gentle and the leaves can fall only a few at a time. This reflects the nature of grieving, sometimes you are forced to let go of someone suddenly (In the case of someone passing away) and you feel like the ground just got swiped underneath you. Other times the process is gradual, you are not ready to drop it all, so move slowly into the wisdom of letting go. No matter what is your speed and circumstance what is important is that you don´t inhibit this natural process. Nothing can make us more unwell than accumulating energy that no longer serves us or is inappropriate for us and there is a part of you that knows exactly what that is, better than anyone else.

So I invite you to go outside, seat in a park, breathe deeply and observe this phenomena of Nature: leaves being released into the wind, watch how they move, fall and swirl. Than write a letter to yourself like you are writing to your best friend and explore 5 things you are willing and ready to let go. After writing it, read it out loud and whenever you are ready you can make a little ritual and burn the paper as a symbol of releasing it back into ashes and dust. Practice 5 minutes of exhalations breaths to allow the process to be embodied.  In the end observe how you feel!