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beautiful woman with a feather


Often in my workshops I bring up the subject of creativity as the gateway to connect with our womb energy. In a recent email exchange with one of the workshop participants, she asked me what did I mean when I said that sexual energy and creativity are interconnected.

Here´s what I mean: When women start to wake up the energy body, through conscious movement, breath, dance, love and the desire of getting to know our bodies and ourselves, we realize that we have a consistent access to creativity if we choose to do so.

Sexual energy is at the core of who we are. We are creative beings that have the ability to generate Life, therefore we create through sexual energy.

Society wants us confused, so we think that we are only giving birth to creation when we have children, forgetting all the other manifestations that arise from a connected, present and embodied woman. Independently if we have children or not, our essence in this Earth plane is to create and nurture.

The practice is to allow life bring you the energy that you need to co-create with. Sometimes difficult emotions like anger or grief can be the fuel to amazing artistic creations. Desire and arousal don´t necessary need to culminate in sex. They can also be directed to self-exploration and movement. If you want to find out what creativity and sexuality have in common watch the energy waves in your body when you are in contact with both. Watch the absence of a logical mind and the immersion into the present moment. Watch how one supports the other by reaching higher states of awareness.

There´s so much to learn about our own bodies and your life can be the inspiration to which you draw the experience from. Stay open, light and in the true to essence of the feminine – receptive!

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