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Retreat into Yourself

Did you miss the Women´s Heath & Tantric Arts retreat here in Bali but still want a retreat? Why not make your own?

Often people think that taking one or a few days off is staying behind in what you have to do or accomplish but the truth is if you do it properly you can actually regain energy, empty your mind and become much more focused and productive afterwards. My suggestion is that you make a 1 day retreat for yourself and really make it a PRIORITY.

If you live by yourself is a bit easier in terms of space but if you have a partner or family, ask one of your friends to land you their house for a day and retreat yourself there. The other option is just to retreat yourself for a full day in your favourite Nature spot.

This is the schedule I normally use for my retreats adapted for your own urban experience:

Morning: Wake up early, drink a lemon ginger tea to start your day and got straight to the mat. Start gentle, with supine poses to warm up your spine. Than start moving on a gentle flow and most importantly move in the way your body wants to move. Feel into your body, that means feel and follow what the body wants.Make the commitment to practice at least for 1 hour.

Then prepare your your own breakfast with time. I recommend a wholegrain porridge with seeds. Take your time, cook it well and enjoy preparing a self nourishing dish for you.

After breakfast, is up to you, take a walk in your favourite Park or go somewhere where you feel spacious. You can also choose to have a tea break, write, paint or engage in any other creative activity.

Then is time to prepare your lunch. Try the following recipe or choose something with root vegetables. It will help with the experience or grounding and centering yourself:

In the middle of the day is good to take a little rest, abstain with engaging with too many activities. Take a nap, make tea, prepare a foot bath, breath, relax, allow your thoughts to come and go, observe. When you observe your mind you´ll see that you have many thoughts and that sometimes is quite overwhelming. Once you start observing, at some point it feels like you have more thoughts but that is simply the process of cleansing your mind and let the mind purge the thoughts. You are now conscious of the nature of your mind!

In the afternoon you can go back to a more restorative approach to yoga, pick 3 or 4 poses to spend some time with them. 5 to 8 minutes in each of them.

After you can prepare a soup or simply drink some tea and skip the email. Skipping an evening meal will give your digestive system a rest and can bring you more energy in the next morning.

After a day like this you will sleep well and wake up revitalised and with a fresh approach to the day. Enjoy yourself!

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