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In the last decade I had the privilege to work with many interesting people and contribute to their development on a personal and professional level. Here are some of those some words from a few of those people. My full gratitude for their kind words!

“I´m forever grateful for meeting Sofia. As a teacher and woman she taught me to create space, to slow down, to play. To be quiet, to tell the truth. That wisdom is in the journey. That life can be fun. That imperfection is beauty and that it is ok to be me. She always has been holding a space where I feel full permission to be me and with a lot of space for me to lean into.

Since I worked with her I changed some simple habits in my kitchen like changing my salt, oil and upped my intake of greens. It’s one of the things she is great at is making ancient teachings accessible in a modern world. She is straight talking, clear and playful. She keeps things simple and relevant, human and translatable to real life. She is ALWAYS present, which means we create in every moment – a powerful modeling for all of us. Finally she taught me that dance is yoga, that my body holds the ultimate wisdom and to trust myself.”

Rachel Allen, England

Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

“You’ll feel her energy and presence every single moment. Sofia demonstrates simple, yet profound knowledge, reminding you of what you already know. She connects you to your inner wisdom and invites invites you to shine your light and live your feminine essence. Her trainings and retreats are much more than an event, rather a lifestyle, which, when integrated in your lifestyle allows you to step into your power and transform your life in the most incredible way. She is true blessing of womanhood.” Violeta, Serbia

Yoni Egg Rocks Founder

“We met Sofia in 2012, our baby Luna was 3 months old. We were parents for the first time, we had lots of wild ideas and we needed someone that would helps define our paths. We wanted to create our own business and live from our passions, surf and yoga. We shared with her our dreams, as well as our insecurities about launching our own project. Her work was excellent with and above all honest and humble. We spent many hours shaping the project, which services we were able to offer and she coached us on how to make a living from something you are passionate about.

Her knowledge is so varied that we were able to benefit from her expertise in holistic living, therapy, coaching, marketing and nutrition. We did yoga therapy sessions, holistic coaching, we learnt how to eat well and healthy and the importance of nutrition in achieving your goals. We basically released our fears and took the leap of faith.

After 3 years we grew in a way that is holistic, solid and sustainable. Sofia keeps following up the project and we rely on her for her views and cooperation. She will always have a special place in our hearts.”

Vania, Carlos & Luna, Portugal

Surf Yoga Portugal Founders

“Meeting Sofia was a very important turning point in my life and I will always be deeply grateful for it. Sofia has been and still is a great inspiration for me in terms of my personal growth, spiritual journey but also in finding professional path. I had been doing yoga and studying to become a yoga teacher before I met Sofia. But it was first when I met her that my journey really started. And this fascinating journey is influencing my life on so many levels. The changes that happened in my life were pretty big and on so many levels that I will mention only a few of them. Firstly, I started to live more consciously: I became a more conscious mother, partner, friend, more conscious human being. I consider it to be a profound change in my life. I became more aware of the internal monologue and its influence on my state of mind. I learned simple techniques and gained the tools to deal with stress, difficult emotions, and difficult situations. Thanks to Sofia I realized and felt deep inside that we are all connected and never really lonely. What really works for me with Sofia both as a teacher and as a person is her gentleness, softness and, at the same time, firmness, self-confidence and strength. This combination of qualities in Sofia is something I really look up to and seek to develop in my life. Another quality of her teaching that really matters to me is the sense of being grounded and centered. The way she teaches both in a yoga class and lecturing or coaching is a fascinating, very inspirational experience. The space she holds for the students gives the opportunity to go deep inside, to learn, to experience, to grow.” Marzena Jachowicz, Poland

Yoga Teacher

“Sofia has inspired me in being so authentic. She is so strong yet so soft and feminine. So it inspires me to stand up for myself and what I believe. She thought me how to contemplate the moon and connect to my moon cycle. This has been so important, as I feel Nature´s power and her influence in my life as a woman. As a teacher she challenges you and demands the best of you to show up to practice. I experienced overcoming my fears and finding courage often on the mat with her. She is 100% authentic and doesn´t hold back her views or her laughter.” Kristina Popp, Germany

Chef & Entrepreneur 5 Seasons

“I would recommend Sofia´s retreats to anyone. The quality of classes, food, environment and teachings were high standard. She is highly competent in her field of expertise, which is broad and varied. For me cooking, yoga and great company were the perfect summer elixir, all in one. A huge thanks you for having me with you this whole week.” Sean Gardiner, UK

Life coach & Aeronautical Engineer

“I absolutely loved the entire concept of the retreat and all the meals. It was easy going, informative and so many beautiful experiences with my body. The week was filled with so much love, ease and joy. The food was mind blowing and incredibly delicious. The yoga was perfectly synched with the elements and the seasons. I´m leaving with a happy heart, a rooted soul and exactly with what I need.” Conni Biesalski, Germany

Planet Backpack Founder & Blogger

“It was through work with Sofia that I made the connection between yoga, healing and the elements. Her confident way and the lightness she brings to yoga teachings through the lens of the elements is refreshing and unpretentious. She defines yoga in the broad sense encompassing diet and mindful living and communicates in a very accessible way. Living in Nepal, I now teach yoga around the world, promote breath work and a diet that enables people to find well-being and happiness.” Daniel Pugh, Canada

Yoga Therapist & Humanitarian Aid Consultant

“Sofia is a warm-hearted teacher and therapist, her knowledge is vast making her yoga, nutrition and Ayurveda teachings both enriching and deeply nurturing.  I have attended three of her yoga trainings and each has been life changing and continues to nourish my daily life.  I feel continually connected with Sofia through yoga and my experiences with nature. I feel supported by her wisdom and have received regular support with my personal yoga journey and work. Yoga with Sofia offers a personal journey of growth where you are met each step of the way, beyond the mat. Her heart teachings reach far and wide.” Maya Gayle, England

Yoga Therapist & Bodyworker

“Sofia has simply kick-started my path of transformation from within to what really matters in life, by just being her lovely self and sharing her knowledge in a concrete and down to earth way. I sense a deep trust in her teachings and her ability to bring them forth to others with joy, patience and skill.” Kim Wolterink, Netherlands


“Sofia thought me how to breath properly and the importance of it in yoga teaching. I learned how to trust myself more since I trained and practice with her. She has taught me that eating well is yoga, that the elements are yoga and that yoga is a way for a peaceful living in this planet. Her knowledge and her funny sense of humor, makes each class an inspiring journey.” Cindy Andries, Belgium

Entrepreneur & Yoga Teacher

“Sofia has always been a great inspiration for due to her incredible knowledge and her calming and listening approach to teaching and inspiring students. I have been studying with her since 2010 in regular trainings, workshops and classes. Although she always finds the time to be personal with every student I felt the calling to spend a week with her in Portugal and booked a private retreat where I could explore all my questions and build confidence to make yoga as a professional career. She is so skilled that in this week I felt we created a great space where all my needs and questions were met. She has a great ability to make you open up towards her and yourself without and she keeps a supportive space all times. Her support, knowledge and encouragement was what made me believe in myself and follow my dreams in becoming a yoga teacher. I´m so proud of what I was able to create since than. I definitely recommend a private retreat with Sofia if you want the ultimate personal experience with yoga therapy and feel you´re held through the whole process with skill, care and attention. Thank you!” Vibeke Nielsen, Denmark

Yoga Teacher

Thank you for reading. I look forward to communicating with you to discuss your goals and ideas!

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