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Black beans soup

by | Mar 6, 2016 | recipes | 0 comments

Sofia’s favourite black beans soup

Ingredients: 1 cup black beans, ½ cup of wakame seaweed, 1 cup of buckwheat, 100 grms. of kale, 1 tbs. of black sesame seeds, 1 tbs. of miso paste, ½ liter of water, 1 tsp. of toasted sesame oil and 1 tsp. of tamari

Preparation: Soak both the black beans and buckwheat the night before for better consistency and easy cooking. The wakame seaweed soak only for 10  minutes before cooking

1 cup of black beans will cook in 3 cups of water for 1h to 1h20m at medium flame.

1 cup of buckwheat will cook in 2 cups of water for 20 to 25 minutes.

When both of ingredients are cooked you can start with the soup. Add the water to a pan and when it start bubbling you can add the wakame and cook it for 10 minutes, than add the kale wait for another 5 minutes in medium flame. In the meantime roast the sesame seeds.

When this is ready take it out of the stove and dissolve the miso paste in the water. Than add the beans and buckwheat and season it with the toasted sesame oil, the tamari and sesame seeds.

You can eat this soup anytime of the day. This soup is great to eat for breakfast or lunch, as it is quite filling and will energize you a lot! Enjoy

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