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3 Day Spring Cleanse


Green Juice Detox


Is that time of the year to get rid of all we accumulated during Winter. Hibernation period is over and it´s time to clear the dust. Start with your body.

This is a 3 Day cleanse program will make you feel lighter, brighter, energized and ready for Spring. It will improve your digestion and build stamina both mentally and physically. Have a go, it´s only 3 days☺

First things First
For the next 3 days you´ll need to eliminate: fried foods, fat greasy foods, alcohol, caffeine, white flour products, white sugar, ionized salt, meat, especially red meat, tropical fruits, dairy, nuts, barbecued and smoked foods.

Day 1 – Go Green!

Start your day with a Green Juice:

1 cup water
1 green apple
1 cup kale leaves
½ lemon squeezed
½ cup parsley
4 celery sticks
1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger
1 pinch of cinnamon

Have a Green Brown Rice Salad for lunch with steam cabbaged, green peas and asparagus seasoned with a macrobiotic sweet and sour vinaigrette (1 tbs. of Tamari, 1 tbs. of maple syrup, ½ tbs. of Plum Vinegar/Umeboshi, 1 tbs. of olive oil and the juice of ½ lemon).

Finish your day with a Buckwheat Noodle Miso Soup, garnished with green leafy vegetables and ground flax seeds.

Day 2 – Go Red!

Quick off your second day with a Red Cross Juice, your Liver will love it

1 cup of almond milk
1 cup of raspberries
1 pomegranate
2 tbs. of goji berries – soaked from the night before
1 beetroot
1 tbs. of maple syrup
½ tsp. of vanilla extract

For lunch you can have a Beetroot Barley Salad topped with cherry tomatoes, red onion and basil leaves. For a yummy sauce you mix 1 tbs. of olive oil, 2 fresh figs, ½ tbs. of apple cider vinegar and 1 lime squeezed.

Eat dinner early and enjoy a Red Lentil Ginger Soup. If you have some barley leftovers from your lunch you can add them to your soup.

Day 3 – Don´t go anywhere!

After 2 days of a detoxifying diet, your body could enjoy a semi fasting day. I would suggest a fast on a green broth finishing with a miso soup in the end of the day. Ideally take this day off to be with your self and let the body digest the old substances and the mind digest old stories, emotions and thoughts.

For the broth:
Boil 3 liters of water and add kale leaves, pak-choi, parsley, coriander, broccoli or any other green vegetables that you fancy. Let the boiling water cook the vegetables and than drain the water. Drink this water throughout the day.
In the evening you can make a small bowl of miso soup before bedtime.
You might feel very hungry that day but just ride the wave and watch how you will wake up next day.
Very important is not to eat excessively in the next day, as a way of making up for the fasting day. Ease you way into food again. Is a good idea to start your fourth day with a smoothie!

I want to keep going? Try this also☺

o Start your day with a glass of warm water and 10 drops of lemon.

o Drink water always in between meals, unless you are thirsty before eating. Each person has a different need of water intake but an average of 1.5 to 2lt a day is fundamental when you´re engaged in a cleansing process.

o Eat 3 to 4 hours before you go to sleep, so your last meal should between 6 and 7 pm. If you need to eat later, choose to have a bowl of miso soup with seaweed and grated beetroot and carrot.

o Chew your food well.

o Do a yoga practice that emphasizes twists and side stretches as a way of affecting the Liver and Gall Bladder Meridians and help to release any tension in this parts of you.

o Go for long walk especially in Nature.

o Take 10 minutes in the morning and in the evening to contemplate the changes you are going through each day. Simply seat and breath while you watch how energy is flowing through.

o Visit street markets, try to buy your food from your local farmers market and enjoy the beauty of Spring in these places, where all the greens are fresh and available.

o Be open to receive – book yourself a massage, shiatsu treatment, reiki or foot reflexology.

o Find a way to express what you feel with the changes you´re doing, either to yourself (journaling), to your partner or a friend. Open your voice and express yourself.

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